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There is nothing quite like the American Declaration of Independence. It was a reasoned response to the tyranny of the British crown. The Colonists had experienced the growing reach of a government that prioritized serving itself. You need only read … Continue reading

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This is an edited version of a post that also appears in Jacob’s Brook.   In the swirling, curling storm of desire unuttered words hold fast With reptile tongue, the lightning lashes towers built to last Darkness creeps in like … Continue reading

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“I don’t have any keys, Pastor Mark.” (Luke, 4 years old) No he doesn’t. A four-year-old has no need of keys. Doors open to him because of the adults in his life, who are in a constant state of vigilance regarding … Continue reading

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This is edited from what I posted at… A friend of mine once referred to Portland, Oregon as the “City of Bridges.” Ten of them span the Willamette River which runs through the center of the city. * Anyone who has … Continue reading

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